Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Healthier Easter Weekend

Usually at Easter time you will find me eating chocolate, hot cross buns and other Easter-inspired baking. This is great at the time, however, can definitely lead to a bit of a sugar hangover!

This Easter we decided to do things a bit differently. There was definitely still some hot cross buns and some chocolate, just not in the usual quantities. 

After spending Good Friday pottering around the house and doing some cleaning, on Saturday I thought that we should get out and about. Rather than giving us Easter eggs, my parents just gave Jake and I some money to go get ourselves a treat (healthy or not so healthy was up to us). First up we went and treated ourselves to some smoothies from tank for breakfast. I got the Protein Power off their new Raw Foods Smoothie menu. This included activated almonds, cacao nibs, oats, chia, dates, cinnamon and almond milk. It was so delicious and really filling! One of my watch outs with smoothies is that they can often be sugar bombs in disguise, so I really loved that I knew that any sweetness in this smoothie was coming from the dates. On a side note, I really want to try more from their Raw Food Smoothies menu, as there was a great looking paleo option!

After getting breakfast, we headed up into the Waitakere Ranges for a bush walk. We decided to head to Fairy Falls as we hadn't been before. This was a nice 25 minute walk down to the falls through NZ native bush, which I always love for its moody atmosphere! The walk was pretty easy going down as there was boardwalk all the way and only one small stream crossing. Down at the bottom there is a viewing platform for the first set of falls and then you can climb down a bit further to see the second set. Apologies for the photos, I forgot my camera and the phone camera just didn't quite do the waterfalls justice.

The walk back was straight up hill most of the way and because we were walking at a pretty fast pace I was actually getting quite puffed. I definitely think that I earned my easter eggs on Saturday!

Speaking of which, I mentioned earlier that I didn't completely go without easter treats. Jake and I shared a Reece's peanut butter eggs and a hollow white chocolate egg. I know that the proper day for eggs is Sunday, but to be honest, these didn't make it past Saturday night.

Today (Sunday) we tried to continue on with our healthy habits and went for a big walk around our suburb. We were probably out for about 1 1/2 hours. When we got back home I whipped up a couple of healthier easter eggs for us to enjoy. I made homemade Bounty Bar eggs. The outer is a mixture of chocolate and coconut oil and inside, I made a mix of coconut, coconut milk and rice malt syrup, all simmered together until the liquid had evaporated. Obviously these still include some chocolate and shouldn't be eaten all in one go, but they definitely satisfied the sweet tooth with only a fraction of the sugar of last night's Reece's egg!

I think this Easter is a pretty good example of the balance that I try to achieve in my life. Occasions and events come up where it is tempting to eat occasional foods for every meal, however, particularly with sugar, I find that once I start eating lots of it, it can get pretty hard to stop. By including a good amount of activity and still giving myself the freedom to enjoy some Easter treats without going overboard, I am left feeling energised and without a food baby or sugar headache! 

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