Sunday, March 13, 2016

Find Me Friday- Edition #1

Welcome to the first edition of Find Me Friday! What is Find me Friday you ask? This is a post where I will share with you all of the great things that are inspiring me and that I am really enjoying. These won't just be food based, but will also include beauty products, clothing, videos and photos that I love and pretty much just anything and everything that makes me happy.

One of the reasons that I love following blogs is that I find them a great source of inspiration and I love reading people's opinions of products, recipes etc. From a personal perspective, these posts are about appreciating those little things in life. In today's culture and for me, being a young professional, it is easy to constantly focus on what you wish you had, and even easier to ignore the great little things that you already have. By focusing on the positive things that are already all around, no matter how small, overall, this leads to feeling more satisfied.

So on that note, let's launch into things that I love at the moment:

Over Christmas and New Year I had a 3 and a half week holiday down in the South Island of NZ. This was such a refreshing break away after my first year in my career, and there were so many special moments in this for me. From getting to enjoy Christmas with family, roadtripping through Central Otago and Mackenzie Country with friends, and getting back to my roots at beautiful Stewart Island, a place i have been going since I was a child.

As one of my presents, I was given this amazing Lush lip scrub. I love wearing bold lipsticks, but they definitely do not look as fantastic on flaky lips. This lip scrub buffs away any flaky patches while also smelling and tasting fantastic!

Also in the world of beauty, on my way back from my work conference in the Gold Coast in February, I ended up getting a product demonstration for Clarins Double Serum. Quite possibly due to a lack of sleep and wanting to perk myself up, I actually ended up buying the product. It was a bit of a pricey investment, but thankfully it turns out that it was completely worth it!! It has made my skin tone and texture much better and gives you a glow. I just apply 1 drop after cleansing at night, so the bottle should last for ages!!

In terms of food, I have recently been getting into Chia and Oat puddings for breakfast. I will post a proper recipe soon, but they are so easy to mix up in a small jar and just take to work with me. They are also filling, which is really important for me as I tend to eat quite a large breakfast.

I'm quite sad that we are starting to see the end of stone fruit season, however, on the flip side, the feijoas on the trees at my house are almost ready. Last year i was inundated and ended up with quite a few jars of chutney, jam, and stewed feijoas, as well as enjoying them raw and in smoothies. I will have to start looking into some recipes to use some up again.

So now it is your turn! What are some things you are really enjoying at the moment?

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