Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lake Wainamu/ Bethell's Lake Walk

It definitely feels like winter has arrived! It's odd this year, because two weekends ago was absolutely beautiful. I was back in shorts and t-shirts, the sun was out and it felt quite summery. Two days later and it feels as if we have lost 10 degrees, with thunderstorms and high winds coming through. Not that I don't love a good thunderstorm when I am all cosy inside, it's just not ideal when I want to get out for a run after work.

To make the most of the beautiful weather, we went with a friend for a walk around Lake Wainamu, otherwise known as Bethell's Lake. I have been here once before, and it is an almost unbelievable sight when you are walking past farmland and bush, around 2km inland from the sea, and all of a sudden you come across rolling sands dunes.

After around 20 minutes of walking across the sand dunes, we then took the track that heads right to the top of the lake. This is a gravel or dirt track, that was a bit mucky in places as there had been rain the night before. At the top of the lake is a really pretty waterfall and small swimming hole. I wasn't quite keen enough to hop in, as I'm pretty sure it was going to be freezing, but in summer it would definitely be a nice addition to the walk to hop in into the lake or the swimming hole.

Back down at the sand dune end, we challenged each other to run up the biggest, steepest sand dune we could find. This was definitely a challenge and I could only make it 3/4 of the way up before I had to have a little break.

All up the walk took around 1 1/2 hours, with some time spent exploring and taking photos around the waterfall. Bethell's Lake would be a great place to take friend's or family for an afternoon with a picnic and some sacks or something to slide down the sand dunes (some of them are huge!).

Getting there: There is a car park for the walkway to the lake on the left as you drive towards Bethell's Beach.

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate. The sand dunes are a little tricky to walk on, but they can be avoided by going around the outside.

Perfect For: Walking, running, picnics, sand dune races

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