Monday, August 8, 2016

My Running Toolkit

As part of training for Junk Free June and as a good way to keep fit, I do quite a bit of running. Although running isn't my favourite activity in the world, mostly because I find it really hard, it is a great way to keep fit and a good way to push my mental limits, as well as physical ones.

From the last 7 months spent running, there are definitely a few things that I have come to rely on, so I thought that I would share them with you.

1. Bananas!!!

Most of the time when I go running, it is either after work, or first thing in the morning before breakfast. Now I pretty much have the temperament of a two year old when I am hungry, so running on an empty stomach is out of the question. On the flip side, if I have too much to eat I get the stitch. My go-to food is banana. They help give me some energy and fill me up a little, without being too heavy.

2. Dry-Fit Clothing.

Whether it is heat or the cold that you are dealing with, Dry Fit clothing is fantastic. On Auckland's hot and humid days, this helps me stay cooler and less sweaty (can't do anything about my face unfortunately) and in the cold, helps keep my core warmer.

Dry fit clothing doesn't have to be super expensive, this top from The Warehouse is great and Rebel Sport have some great options.

3. Scholl Wet & Dry Pedi

One of the downsides of running for me is that my feet take a bit of a beating. I have pretty oddly shaped feet, that weren't helped by years of ballet, so no matter what shoes I wear they rub a little and create calluses. My Scholl Wet & Dry Pedi is such a life saver, as it re-chargeable and I can use it in the shower!

A wee disclaimer, I do work for the company that sells Scholl, however, even if I didn't I still think that I would love this product. It is a little bit of an investment, but far cheaper than going to get pedicures regularly and much, much faster and easier than trying to get rid of tough skin manually.

4. Foam Roller

I live in a hilly suburb and as a result, I get really tight calves and hips. Along with stretching, I find that a foam roller really helps to stretch out and massage sore, tired muscles. I picked mine up from The Warehouse, but most sporting places will sell them.

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